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Customized Service

In order to meet the needs of more haptic coin and fidget slider enthusiasts, our team launched a customized service.

Custom content

  • Patterns, including patterns on both sides. A round haptic coin requires a circular pattern on both sides of the front. The rectangular fidget slider needs to display the corresponding rectangular front and back patterns.
  • Material, optional materials include: stainless steel, cupronickel, titanium alloy, zirconium alloy.
  • Size, round diameter is 39mm, thickness 10mm. The length, width and height of the rectangle. Dimensions are not customizable.

White Brass Pokemon Haptic Coin
Shape: round haptic coin
Material: titanium alloy

Customized requirements receiving email:

Once we receive your custom content, we will reply with quotation and labor time within 1-2 working days.