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This haptic coin creates a truly unique fidgeting experience with endless possibilities. It can be used both as an anxiety reduction toy and as a worry stone in your pocket.

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The luminous version is really beautiful, and the graininess is very strong.

Haptic Coin Gamification
NIcole Fernandez

Boyfriend loved it, he says it's a great addition to his fidget collection. It's a nice, solid weight and he can roll it around in his palm by the chain or spin the ball-bearing like a traditional fidget spinner. The chain makes some noise but not too loud at all.

Excellent service and quality! Very happy with this spinner.
Very high quality gadget. Just as I hoped it would be, it has some proper weight to it. My partner now wants one too. I've already bought another one on the way again.

I like these , will order more soon.

Perfect transaction! A really cool "mindfulness" product. Many different ways to play with it. Beautiful colors and an interesting design! Shipped very quickly, and great packing. Thanks so much!
I've gotten many fidgets for me and the kids to help with focus, and this gear one has quickly become a family favorite.

My coin is exactly as pictured. It's a nice weight and beautifully crafted, it feels great in your hand, it's a great puzzle toy, I love it and the quality of the coin is great. I am super happy with mine and gave the other one to a friend.

I am so glad I purchased haptic coin and am impressed with the superb quality of this gadget slider. Customer service and all inquiries were handled very quickly. I will continue to buy from this seller

This product is of a very high standard, great build quality and addictive little toy. The tactile feel is great and makes it easy to notice. Very good product, looks good and I would buy again.

The product was delivered quickly and exactly as described... Very nice, the high quality of the material makes it a tactile pleasure, what an excellent find! The item arrived quickly and the seller was very professional. Very good experience! Very happy with the product and delivery!

Very good build quality and awesome communication. They kept me updated at every step of the way until my items arrived. Great customer service, amazingly fast shipping. Thanks!

This is my new favorite gadget. Very nice, my little cousin will love it, excellent custom service, and I will buy from this vendor again. It has a high quality feel to it and there are several different ways to fiddle with it. Shipping time is not very long. Very nice magnetic action and look.

Personalized tactile coin It has just the right amount of weight. Heavy enough to be reassuring, but not clumsy. I'm glad I finally received my order. Thank you guys! I love it. I am ordering another one.

So beautiful! It has a great heaviness to it that makes it satisfying to fiddle with. The texture of the engraving makes it a very cool worry stone too, since it is etched instead of printed. Just stunningly beautiful! I am obsessed with this coin! It’s the latest addition to my collection and I’m so happy with it! This shop continues to excel, they never disappoint.

This is a very cool high quality tactile coin. Tactile Coin is a superb toy. It's medium weight and fun I'm very happy with my purchase. Well made with quality materials. Delivery was super fast and the packaging was great. Communication and service were excellent.

The quality is great and my kids love this. Although the tactile coin came a little late, that's totally okay because it's worth it It's nice to look at, has things to do, and makes me feel better. It fits nicely in the pocket. Gotta get this, gotta get it from this store!

The beautiful personal carrying case adds to the spectacular convenience of this item. The craftsmanship is evident in the gorgeous detail of the mechanism. Great weight and build quality, just what I was hoping for. The shipping time was reasonable considering the country of origin. Arrived as ordered.

Great gadget coin, great tactile coin, gives you more play time, definitely better than the other "three piece" tactile coin I purchased a while back. Better tactile feedback. This seller is superb! Very happy with my purchase and recommend it to anyone who needs something to fiddle with in their pocket!

I love titanium!Fidget toys so cool. This is so lite I hardly notice it in my pocket. It’s quite captivating and fun to play around with or spin and stand on your desk!

The quality of this spinner is great and meets my expectations, I just imagined it to be a little bigger, exactly like the picture. But I like it too. I find it helps me deal with LA traffic and I notice that I don't get bothered by it when I use it. Usually I get frustrated.

It's a very cool haptic coin! I like how it's slightly heavy. I think it's amazing how it can all be put together to create something different and new. I was looking for gadgets and came across this. As someone who can't keep my hands to myself, I was in awe of the tactile feel and value of the haptic coin. I'm glad I got one. Very well done!

Love this stuff! Great quality - amazing item! Very good communication! This item is great and very unique. Now I can't live without this tactile coin.

These are the best tactile coins I have ever bought, the way they are 3D printed and the use of magnets is very clever, no screws or any extra parts to fiddle with like other tactile coins, I am so happy with my tactile coins that I ordered a second one as soon as I got my first one, it was fantastic Very friendly seller and service. Thank you very much .

Overall great, just what I thought it would be, a reasonably chunky little metal gadget. My boyfriend loves it! The look and quality of the merchandise is good good good customer support too! I think I'll be buying another one soon, thank you.

The quality of the coin is very good! Very nice item. The etchings are also very clear and deep. It gives a very nice feel to the hand. Very beautiful. Highly recommended. I ordered two of them.Addictive! I've been fiddling with it all day and so has everyone who walks into my office and sees it. As soon as I got it - I knew I wanted to order it.

This fidget coin is highly addictive,I carry the haptic coin in my pocket every day and love the tactile sensation of its presence.and satisfying and nicely machined.So so cool. Fantastic Haptic fidget - lighter than the Titanium -but same magnet set-up - fantastic finish and quality.

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