Haptic Coin Donuts Titanium Alloy


This Haptic Coin is made of titanium alloy. The pattern is inspired by the desserts of daily life, Jeely Beans, Caremel Cream, Sweet Heart, Sour Cream. There are only 30 pieces in the world, and there is one left for each color.

Weight: 40g
Material: titanium alloy
Surface treatment: Colorful painting
7-segment magnetic
With a spare bearing,Other: Spare bearing*1
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Caremel Cream, Jelly Bean, Sour Cream, Sweet Heart

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Love this stuff! Great quality - amazing item! Very good communication! This item is great and very unique. Now I can't live without this tactile coin.

Marissa Castro

This is my new favorite gadget. Very nice, my little cousin will love it, excellent custom service, and I will buy from this vendor again. It has a high quality feel to it and there are several different ways to fiddle with it. Shipping time is not very long. Very nice magnetic action and look.


The color is very delicate. It’s smooth to play, it would be better if you can equip it with an umbrella rope

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