Haptic Coin T-MAX EDC


Haptic Coin
Diameter: 39.5mm(1.56“)

We use four materials, cupronickel, red copper, stainless steel, zirconium alloy, and the craftsmanship is retro and polished. Eight grooves are added on each side to increase the fluctuating friction and change the touch of the previous flat surface.


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Haptic coin T-MAC EDC, continuing the appearance of the previous “Mobius”, with twelve magnets, sixteen grooves, and the addition of limit posts, the hand feel during fluctuations is greatly improved.

The feel of the copper has a heavy feeling of time.
The feel of zirconium alloy and cupronickel is very smooth, like jade.

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Copper vintage, Cupronickel vintage, Stainless Steel Pattern, Zirconium Alloy Polished