Oreo Haptic Coin


This Haptic coin The design was inspired by my favorite biscuit, Oreo, twisted before eating.Its structure is like Oreo biscuit, very interesting, the surface texture is exactly the same.

Material:  alloy
Surface treatment: engraving
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Customer Reviews

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chana P

It is beautiful. Incredible workmanship. Very well made. Seriously, this thing is sturdy and feels very substantial in your hand. Very cool little gadget that. The service at this store is great and the communication is excellent. I've already ordered another one for a friend.


This is one of my favorite gadgets. It's small, has a nice weight to it, and has several different ways to play. I love the sound it makes, and the resistance of the magnet. If you are looking for a fun gadget then look no further, This Haptic Coin is very good and ships super fast.

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